The Institute of Masters of Wine is Thinking about Burgundy ($25 Supplement)
Masters of Wine present the region of Burgundy using a range of representative wines.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM

How to Taste: Perspectives in MS, MW, and WSET Methods with Antony Moss MW and Geoff Kruth MS
The Court of Masters Sommeliers, Institute of Masters of Wine, and Wine & Spirit Education Trust each has a disciplined method of tasting wine. Explore these methods, the similarities and differences, and how they overlap and reinforce each other.

Italian White Wines with Ian D’Agata and Laura DePasquale MS
Discover the white wine grapes of Italy and the characteristics of the wines with two experts: Ian D’Agata, author of The Native Wine Grapes of Italy, and Laura DePasquale, Master Sommelier.

Chilean Breakdown with Elaine Chukan Brown and Peter Granoff MS
Elaine Chukan Brown and Peter Granoff MS deliver a tour of Chile including the important grapes, regions, wines, and concepts needed for understanding how to buy and sell Chilean wines.

Acid Trips with Moderator: Sheri Morano MW; Panel: Debbie Zachareas, Bree Boskov MW, Dilek Caner MW, Mark Davidson
A panel of renowned wine professionals presents high acid wines from around the world, a comparison and contrast of the wines, and how to understand the wines for use in the on- and off-trade.


Wine Australia, Rhône Valley Vineyards, Olé & Obrigado Wines, Winesellers Ltd., Lodi Wines, Wines of Uruguay, Gimblett Gravels, Fisher Vineyards & Mad Fritz, Vinos D.O. Navarra, Champagne Taittinger, Domaine Select

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

Southwest France: Get Your Geek On! with Christy Canterbury MW and Jean Reilly MW
We all know about and have occasionally sipped the wines of Southwest France but because we’ve not decided to place them on OUR radar screens, there’s little chance most consumers will have the chance to “meet” them. Get your geek on with Jurancon, Gaillac, and more as Christy Canterbury and Jean Reilly delve into this diverse area.

Introducing Southern Oregon with Liz Thach PhD MW
Wineries from Southern Oregon represented numerous medal-winning wines from TEXSOM IWA 2018, demonstrating the need to understand the “Other Oregon’s” relevance and quality for wine programs.

An Overview of Current Styles of White Wines of Portugal, including Classics as well as Rare and Exotic Varieties with Dirceu Vianna Junior MW
White wine grapes and the wines they make often are overlooked in the Portuguese wine renaissance. This seminar will familiarize attendees with the quality and diversity of Portuguese white wines.

WTF, DO Pagos: A Critical Analysis with Sarah Jane Evans MW
What are DO Pagos? What is their purpose? Spanish wine expert Sarah Jane Evans MW reveals the history and variety associated with the DO Pago designation.

SUNDAY, AUGUST 12TH 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

Zinfandel with Kelli White
Kelli White, Senior Staff Writer at GuildSomm, offers a history of the grape, reviews its characteristics and explores the California regions renowned for Zinfandel wines.

The Comparative Database for Agiorgitiko and Xinomavro with Andrew McNamara MS and Nigel Wilkinson MS
Wine references are often formed from the database of characteristics encoded from tasting. This seminar explores what is in the glass and makes associative relationships with other well-known wines in order to better understand Xinomavro and Agiorgitiko.

Austria with Age with Serafin Alvarado MS
This seminar revisits wines from a previous year’s seminar on Austria plus other Austrian wines to determine how the grapes and wines of Austria fare with age.

Practical Approaches to More Effective Self-Study Incorporating MS and MW Disciplines with Mary Margaret McCamic MW and Matthew Citriglia MS
This seminar was commissioned for and debuted at the TEXSOM Sommelier Retreat, and was so popular that we have brought it to the TEXSOM Conference. Mary Margaret McCamic MW and Matthew Citriglia MS focus on how to mentally prepare for wine exams, how to determine what is actually being tested, unique aspects of adult learning, and how to approach self-study.

Sangiovese Characteristics Across Three Classic Regions: Chianti Classico, Brunello di Montalcino, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano with Laura Depasquale MS and Greg Harrington MS
The variation in style of Sangiovese wines is remarkable over just three DOCG’s in the classic Tuscany region. This seminar reveals how and why these differences exist, and what this means for a wine program.

Texas with Jessica Dupuy and Francis Percival
The Lone Star State is in the top five for wine production and consumption in the United States. The Texas wine industry is growing in quantity of wineries, amount of acres under vine, number of brands, and in quality with Texas wines winning numerous medals at TEXSOM IWA. Jessica Dupuy, Texas Monthly’s wine writer, and Francis Percival, renowned author and one of the TEXSOM IWA judges from the Texas wine judging panel, give an overview of the Texas wine industry; its people, places, grapes, and wines.

Survey of Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages with Nicholas Paris MW
Explore these appellations that offer quality and value beyond many more illustrious neighbors, and how to utilize them within a well-rounded on- or off-trade wine program.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH 9:15 AM – 11:30 AM

Stylistic Comparisons from the Commonwealth: Expressions Across South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia with David Wrigley DipWSET MW and Mary Margaret McCamic MW
Wines made from five grapes will be tasted across three countries – South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand – to determine the styles and reference markers that allow differentiation amongst the countries in a blind tasting context.

New World Sparkling Wines with Moderator: Mary Gorman-McAdams MW; Panel: Treve Ring, Shayn Bjornholm MS, Laura Rhys MS, Charles Curtis MW
Sparkling wines from the New World have gained in quality and prestige over the past decade, representing high quality and good value. A panel of experts showcases the regions, grapes, and styles that are producing these wines.

We Like Sweet Wines and We Cannot Lie! (Dessert Wine Methods and Styles) with Greg Harrington MS and Brian Cronin MS
Production methods, producing regions, and wine styles for sweet wines will be covered, excluding fortified wines.

On the Cusp: Amador, Lodi, El Dorado, Mendocino, Lake, Temecula with Kelli White and Josh Raynolds
The regions of Amador, El Dorado, Lodi, Mendocino, and Temecula might have been on the fringe of California’s wine industry, but now are on the cusp of moving to center stage. Kelli White and Josh Raynolds tell why these regions are becoming more prominent.


E & J Gallo, Esprit du Vin, Kobrand, Viña Cobos Paul Hobbs, Broadbent Selections, Folio Fine Wine Partners, The Wine Group, Conzorzio Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, Willamette Valley Wines, Petaluma Gap Winegrowers, Champagne Taittinger

MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH 1:00 PM – 2:15 PM

The Value of Non-Vinifera Wines with Keith Goldston MS and Wayne Belding MS
“Local” seems the catch-word of the day, and sommeliers document their deep dives into obscure regions, grapes, and wine styles, yet too often what is in our own back yard gets overlooked. Keith Goldston MS and Wayne Belding MS make a case for exploring the non-vinifera wines of the United States to add variety to wine programs.

Beer with Melissa Monosoff MS and Christopher Bates MS
Melissa Monosoff and Christopher Bates rap about beer.

White Bordeaux Drew Hendricks MS and John Blazon MS
White Bordeaux is an oft-underappreciated classic. With Bordeaux regaining focus amongst sommeliers, this seminar provides insight into White Bordeaux both for identification and description in blind tasting and for use in wine programs.

Does a Region Need a Signature? with Bree Boskov MW, Liz Thach PhD MW, Joe Spellman MS, Mark Davidson, Michael Franz, Jim Clarke
Do restaurant and retail buyers need simplification and validation in order to embrace a region, grape, or winery? How does this differ from consumers’ behavior? Can a region become successful (however that may be defined) by espousing diversity? These and more questions will be explored along with wines from representative regions to illustrate.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH 3:30 PM – 4:45 PM

State of the Industry: Future of the Sommelier with Geoff Kruth MS, Ian Harris DipWSET MBE, Devon Broglie MS, Kelli White, June Rodil MS, Jim Clarke, Elaine Chukan Brown
Geoff Kruth MS leads an all-star panel in a discussion of the opportunities and challenges for the sommelier (and retail) profession in the near-, medium-, and long-term. Get ready for some potentially mind-bending possibilities as the panel engages in futurology.

SOMMFoundation Presents with Jay James MS, Fred Dame MS, Thomas Price MS, Guy Stout MS
Join four Master Sommeliers representing SOMMFoundation as they offer insight into rare and older vintages selected to both educate and inspire.

Iconic Retrospective Vertical Tasting: Vasse Felix with Virginia Willcock
Virginia Willcock. Old Wines from Margaret River’s Pioneering Winery. Classic wines that you should know, presented by one of the best winemakers in the business! (Two Judges’ Selection Awards and four nominations at TEXSOM IWA 2018 says much about both the winemaker and the wines.)

Iconic Retrospective Vertical Tasting: Dr. Loosen with Ernst Loosen
Erni Loosen. Old German Riesling.’Nuff said.

MONDAY, AUGUST 13TH 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM


The 2018 Grand Tasting and Awards Reception presented by ProWein will bring together 100 sponsors pouring up to 4 wines for evaluation by wine professionals during the reception that concludes the TEXSOM conference and honors the TEXSOM Best Sommelier Competition.